January 2, 2017

Today you should read: Matthew 14:1-21

We have all gotten bad news, or had to go through something difficult. When you receive a call or someone informs you of something that breaks your heart or shakes your world it is easy to shut down. But the truth is that the world keeps spinning, and the alarm clock still goes off, and the bills still come and the phone still rings. So what does this mean? Does it mean that we are not allowed to hurt or mourn or just be down about whatever it may be? No that is not what I am suggesting.

If you look back at what happens in this passage, we get a great picture of how Jesus handles this. John the Baptist is beheaded in prison through some poor circumstances. The news reaches Jesus as He had been ministering to people, and His following had become very great. But focus on what Jesus does. He gets this news and He withdrew from it all to go to a place to be alone. He took some time to get away and be with God. When something happens that is like a sledgehammer shattering our world it is okay for it to hurt. But we must run to God. Jesus went to God and got away from everything for a time. However, the world kept spinning. The people were still there and they followed Jesus and ended up being in a situation where he was really needed. Jesus could have ignored them and stayed where He was and avoided everything because He was upset, but He doesn’t. And neither should we. There is an appropriate time to retreat and be away, but there has to be the time when we come back because we know that we still have purpose and we still have a mission and a calling to fulfill.

When the bad news or circumstance comes (and it will come) how will you handle it?

Will you prepare your heart now to be ready and to run to Jesus?

Will you still seek to fulfill the plans He has for you?

By: Dakota Gragg

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “January 2, 2017”

  1. Happy New Year CPC and Jumpstart readers! Good word today Dakota. I’m excited about 2017 and seeing how God uses CPC to impact Lexington and our world. Yesterday at CPC West Pastor Erik encouraged us to make 2017 a year of “desperate prayer.” We were challenged with the following questions:

    1) Are we desperately praying for our families?
    2) Are we desperately praying for the lost people God has placed in our lives?
    3) Are we desperately praying for our church & its leaders so that we can fulfill the Great Commission?

    I am recommitting to pray for these things. Please join me as we make 2017 the best year yet for the Glory of Jesus!

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