August 25, 2017

Today you should read: Mark 3:20-35

I love what this passage is showing us. It is something that I think that many if not all of us have dealt with. There was a complete lack of real understanding of who Jesus was. The ones who were questioning and dealing out judgment were simply wrong. This happens so often to us. I know in my own life there have been times due to my lack of understanding of who Jesus truly is I cast bitterness towards God. The reality is that my pride in thinking that I knew what-was-what got in the way of me actually seeing the simple truth that was right in front of me.

What Jesus says in response to the scribes is so simple that when I read it I wonder how they could not see it.  Jesus explains to them very simply that their accusations do not make sense.  We can get so caught up in what we personally think is true or right or even wrong, that we lose the ability or better yet, the humility to actually see truth, which is often right in front of us.

We have the temptation to do this on a daily basis in our culture. There are so many voices saying what is right and wrong and acceptable and unacceptable. It can become very easy to perseverate on those issues and be locked into our own opinions without really opening our eyes to see the truth. The Lord has revealed the truth to us through His word. The question is, will we open our eyes today and see it?

By: Dakota Gragg — Student Ministry Associate

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “August 25, 2017”

  1. Thanks Dakota! Perseverate? You taught me a new word today. The issue of blasphemy is one that I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my arms around, especially since it’s a word that I suspect is often used incorrectly. Is it as simple as attributing something that is evil to the Lord?

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