January 27, 2018

Today you should read: Luke 8:16-21

You didn’t have to read much scripture for your Jumpstart devotion this morning but man, are they a doozy. Right after Jesus shares the parable of the sower and explains the purpose of parables, He reminds them that their light should be shown to all around them. Right now at CPC, we’re going through 1 John which talks a lot about that light. Jesus is that light and He sends His church to be be a representative of that light to a dark, dark world. We know that there are major, major differences between light and darkness. Darkness represents evil, what is usually hidden, and sin. Light is good, it represents Jesus and His missional church and as we read from verse 17, it exposes and uncovers what is being hidden and done in the dark. And we can’t just keep that light, Jesus, to ourselves. No one hides light in darkness. That is why a lamp is put out, to light the dark room, to guide on a dark path. Jesus should not be hidden in our lives when He has the power to penetrate the darkness around us.

Now the last few verses (v. 19-21) are worth a few rereads. Jesus is teaching and as always a great crowd is forming around Him and his mom and brothers are standing outside, desiring to see Him. When He’s told this, He gives an answer that most parents would not only find offensive but a child would probably receive discipline over or cause some major drama at the next family reunion. For dramatic purposes does anyone else see Him in mid-sentence of a parable, people hanging off his every word and he just stops, looks at that dude in the eyes who tells him his personal family is looking for him, this sad music from Max Richter starts playing…

…and Jesus says…  “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.”

As one who’s life and worldview on family have drastically changed and who does everything I can to create a culture of flourishing Christ-centered marriage and families in the church and world, I have to admit, this kind of hurts. But I get it. I need to get it. The Bible does talk about our God-given roles and responsibilities as spouses, parents, children and siblings. We represent those same roles to others with our relationship with God and our relationships with our church family. But those spiritual relationships that our physical relationships represent… those are the ones that will last eternally. I will not be married to my beautiful and wonderful wife in Heaven. Nor will my relationship with parents, kids or siblings be the same. It’s my church family that will be there. And as hard as that sounds, it also brings a joy and a bit of a relief. Because in a fallen, dysfunctional world where most families are torn apart, God provides a good, forever family. He’s remind us of that forever family in that statement.

  • How have you maybe hidden Jesus lately? Who do you need to be more of a light to? (co-workers, schoolmates, Family, friends, etc.)
  • How does having a forever spiritual family in Christ encourage you?

By: Erik Koliser — West Campus Pastor


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “January 27, 2018”

  1. Thanks for the commentary today Erik. We’re loving the CPC Marriage Retreat this weekend in Frankfort with Herschel & Tonya York. Awesome servants of the Lord! Tina & I have been married nearly 34 years and we’re still learning how to make our marriage a reflection of the Gospel. Thank you CPC for investing in our marriages!

  2. Thanks Erik! What a timely commentary! Here in my frigid homeland of Wisconsin, we buried my my uncle yesterday. Single with no kids, his spiritual family was about all he had. Did he serve the Lord well? Let’s just say the church ladies were freaking out because when they prepared lunch, they vastly underestimated the crowd that would be at his funeral. We were astounded, but as you said, also joyful at the size of the family that will be waiting for him in heaven. I love funerals like these… a life well lived teaches us so many lessons.

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