March 30, 2018

Today you should read: 2 Kings 6:1-7

Today, we read another story of how God performed a miracle through Elisha. The sons of the prophets were cutting down trees to provide housing for themselves. As they were chopping down the trees, one of the axe heads fell into the water of the Jordan River sinking to the bottom.

At this time, iron was present in Israel, but it wouldn’t have been cheap to replace, and even worse, this was a borrowed axe! They also lost another tool to cut down the trees! They were certainly in a rough situation.

Elisha, the “man of God,” asked the man where it fell, threw a stick in the water, and the axe head floated to the top for the man to pick it up. God had performed a miracle and provided for Elisha and the sons of the prophets.

So what can we take away from this story?

First, we know that Elisha was close to God. This passage calls him “the man of God.” We should seek to be men and women of God. Now, do I think that God will perform miracles through us that are identical to the one that Elisha performed? Chances are slim, but I do think that God works through us as we, men and women of God, pray for God to act in a certain area of life, share the Gospel with others, and grow in holiness and in relationship with God.

Second, I think we see a model for discipleship in this passage. One of the sons of the prophets asked for Elisha to go with them. Elisha was  a prominent figure in Israel at this point, but he was willing to spend time with others as they chopped down trees! I think this shows us the importance of finding mentors and just spending time with them.

Lastly, we see that God is actively at work in the world. He has not just set the world in motion and let it go, but is controlling and sustaining our world for his purposes. And because God is at work and is good, we can trust that he is doing what is best for us no matter the situation.

By: Lucas Taylor — West Campus Ministry Apprentice


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “March 30, 2018”

  1. “I think this shows us the importance of finding mentors and just spending time with them.”

    Good word on this Good Friday, Lucas! My wife was blessed to have a wonderful godly woman who deeply invested in her. They did numerous Bible studies over the years but simply spending time together was among the greatest gifts!

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