October 6, 2018

Today you should read: Ephesians 3:1-13

Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Many of the greatest novels, movies and TV shows revolve around a plot that builds up some type of mystery that leaves the reader or viewer yearning for a solution or answer to the mystery. The apostle Paul has briefly written about the most important mystery in other letters and a few times before this chapter in Ephesians (1:9, 17). This mystery is that the upcoming Messiah and Savior that God’s chosen people, Israel were not only anticipating, but had saving faith in, was not just for the Jews but for all peoples of all nations. The Spirit would be poured out through the New Covenant and Gentiles would be fellow heirs in the kingdom when and if they have the same saving faith in Jesus.

Another often repeated word in these verses outside of the mystery and revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for everyone is the word “wisdom.” God in His wisdom fulfilled the prophecies made about the Messiah in Jesus Christ to come, die and be resurrected in the perfect timing for this message to not only spread but bring new life to both Gentiles and Jews. And as it says in verse 11, in His manifold wisdom He will now use the church, the people of God, not temples and sacrifices and prophets, priests and kings, to reveal Himself as their specific revelation in the Gospel message. Again, a mystery to many, but God in His wisdom was using people like the apostle Paul who persecuted Christians and many other amazing stories of true life change for people to see and hear the truth of the Gospel and come to the only true solution and answer to this mystery we have in life of sin that separates us from a Holy, Loving God who wants a relationship with us.

Can you share a time in which God who was once a mystery but then revealed Himself to you in the Gospel (whether it’s the moment you became a Christian or through another circumstance)?

By: Erik Koliser — West Campus Pastor


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “October 6, 2018”

    1. From ESV study Bible:
      Rulers and authorities in the heavenly places refers to angelic beings. God’s redemptive purposes are of interest to angels (1 Pet. 1:12) and the whole host of heaven, who are better able to glorify God when they behold in wonder what God has done and does in creating the church (Psalm 148; Rev. 7:11; 19:1–8).

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