March 10, 2020

Today you should read: Leviticus 18

Leviticus 18 is a passage that we read and think to ourselves, “This should really be simple to keep. Why would God have to instruct His people not to do this?” The reason is what God says in verses 3 and 27. The Egyptians and the Canaanites both practiced the abominations that are described in this chapter. The Israelites probably saw these practices going on because they were in Egypt for a long time. So God is instructing His people to stay away from those unlawful sexual relations. 

This is similar for us in our culture today. All around us, through movies, television, social media, and even books, sex is thrown into our faces. And the world says to have sex with whoever you want and whenever you want it. It says, if you can’t get it from your spouse or don’t have a spouse, turn to pornography or just go to a strip club. The world says just get physical pleasure whenever. But this could not be any further from God’s design.

Sex is not just a physical act, it is deeper than that. Sex involves emotions. God has designed sex for marriage, between one man and one woman, and when those two come together they become one flesh (Gen 2:24). This is how God designed it and as believers we need to trust God because He knows what we need better than we think we know what we need. 

God has called believers to stay pure. This means that you do not watch pornography, you do not look at someone with lust, you remain pure to your spouse, and you follow God’s design for marriage and sex.

At the same time, if you feel yourself caught up in one of these sins, do not try to fight it alone. Come talk to one of the pastors at CPC, a discipler or Connect Group Leader, and let us help you with this battle. 

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor.” 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4

By: Brice Stockton — Student Ministry Apprentice

God is honored when we intentionally seek Him in prayer. As a church, we want dependent prayer to be something that marks us. Use the comment section to post prayer requests and experiences of how God has answered prayer and/or changed you through prayer! If you would like to be enrolled to get weekly prayer reminders, text @cpclex to 81010.


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “March 10, 2020”

  1. Yesterday morning I started to get out cereal and toast for my breakfast and had even put truvia on my cereal and the Lord spoke to my heart to fast instead of eat , so I threw out the toast and put cereal back in box . You see the night before I was told by my son Justin that he had an appointment which could affect his life in a bad way . So I prayed and had my prayer partner Jason , my pastor Tim and my mentor bother in Tennessee pray too . The appointment was at 2 our time and at 1:30 I had my brother Dick , who has been taking care of me pray with me .
    The reason I did all this because I could hear God’s voice again in my life . You see because of sin several months back I couldn’t hear him and that’s what bothered me the most . So with repentance and turning from my sin I could hear again and what joy it brought me to commit my self to prayer yesterday morning. The worst part of sin is the destruction it has on your relationship with the Lord . Oh by the way , God answered our prayers and my son is fine .

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