April 28, 2020

Today you should read: 2 Chronicles 10

Here we see a tragic account. David and his son Solomon had spent their lives building the Kingdom of Israel… the people of God. Well Solomon has died (2 Chronicles 9) and his son Rehoboam is now in power. From here it all goes downhill… in one chapter.

Jeroboam comes to Rehoboam and asks that he reverse the trends set by his father. This was a serious charge… This was charging Solomon with a “pharaoh-like treatment” (Moody, 601) and was not well received by his son.

Rehoboam goes to the wise elders that were put in place by his father Solomon to ask for advice on how to handle the situation BUT he abandons what they say and runs to people who would tickle his ears… tell him what he wants to hear. The text says that he “took counsel from the young men who he had grown up with” (v.8)

This is never a good idea. Everything rises and falls on leadership. We see that in this story about the kingdom of Israel. This bad move left the Kingdom in shambles… Unity went to division… and the Kingdom of Israel was never the same. Here we learn some valuable leadership lessons.

1. As a leader, especially a young leader… surround yourself with good counsel, even if they challenge you.

It is bad counsel of people to just agree with you. We have to desire what’s right over what we want. Proverbs 11:14 says that there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. Surround yourself with good counsel.

2. Listen to your counsel.

Rehoboam had good counsel that his father put in place but he decided not to listen to them because they did not tell him to do what he wanted. This was a bad move. We need to weigh what our counsel says, not just disregard it because we don’t like it.

3. Check your pride at the door.

Rehoboam clearly had pride issues. He was determined… His way or no way. This did not turn out well for him. He actually sacrificed a lot of leadership because half the country turned from him.

4. When you make a mistake… admit it and ask for forgiveness.

No one is a perfect leader. When we make a mistake we need to ask for forgiveness and move on. This is not what Rehoboam did. He sent an enforcer. His pride prevented him from admitting fault. This resulted in his fleeing (v.18)!

Leadership is important. We need to lead well. We need to learn from good leaders and bad ones. How can you improve your leadership qualities this week? We are all leaders… we all have influence in someone’s life… the question is where are you leading them to? It starts with us.

The Moody Bible Commentary (page 601)

By: Nick Parsons — Pastoral Ministry Associate: College

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