June 2, 2020

Today you should read: Jeremiah 7:1-15

Have you ever heard a sermon at church that steps on your toes? It may have made you a little uncomfortable or defensive, but either way, it probably made you confront that issue. Well, chapter 7 is that sermon, but to the extreme. Jeremiah stands at the entrance of the temple (verse 2) so that everyone entering can hear him. He could also be heard by the priests that would have been at the temple as well.

This location is crucial because of the topic being discussed. He tells them in verses 3-7 that if the people do not turn away from their evil deeds that he will take the land from them. This is a different story than the one that has been told to them according to verse 4. The people have a false sense of security because the temple of the Lord is in Jerusalem. They found their security in a building and not in God. I know as West Campus continues to search for a building, we should not find our security in that place, but instead, we still find our hope and sanctuary in God. 

Verses 8- 15 tells a similar story, but focuses on how the people have entered God’s house after they continuously disobey God’s commands and worship other gods. Has this approach to God changed? Even today, we choose to disobey God and worship sports on Saturday night and fail to wake up early enough to make it to church on time. We continue to gossip and slander, but then enter church and sing to God. We ignore injustice throughout the week but then ask for God’s mercy on Sundays. 

So in conclusion, are we entering God’s house with the right heart? I’m not saying if we made a mistake then we can’t enter his house. That is actually the opposite of what God’s grace does for us, but instead, it gives us the opportunity to turn back to him. God was doing the same thing for his people in Jeremiah 7.

By: Jacob Kerr — West Campus Pastoral Ministry Apprentice – Students & Worship

God is honored when we intentionally seek Him in prayer. As a church, we want dependent prayer to be something that marks us. Use the comment section to post prayer requests and experiences of how God has answered prayer and/or changed you through prayer! If you would like to be enrolled to get weekly prayer reminders, text @cpclex to 81010.


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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