June 25, 2020

Today you should read: Jeremiah 22

Starting in verse 10, Jeremiah is addressing the sons of Josiah. Josiah was a king of Jerusalem that died in battle. He was a king who loved God and did a lot of good for God’s people. In verse 10 he says not to weep for Josiah because he is dead but instead weep for his son who was taken captive and will not return (10-12).

Things then shift to talking about Jehoiakim. If you read in 2 Kings 23, Jehoiakim was placed into power by Pharaoh Neco. Pharaoh Neco did this because he knew that Jehoiakim would follow his orders and he did. Jehoiakim stole from the people by overtaxing them and then gave that money to the pharaoh. 

God sends Jeremiah to confront the king about the injustice that is taking place. Jeremiah talks about how Josiah loved God and took care of the poor and needy! He says something here that I think is very important to us. He says in verses 15 and 16. “15 Do you think you are a king because you compete in cedar? Did not your father eat and drink and do justice and righteousness? Then it was well with him. 16 He judged the cause of the poor and needy; then it was well. Is not this to know me? declares the Lord.”

God says that Josiah’s works reflected his knowledge of God. Even further, I think his fruit defined his relationship with God.

Does our fruit reflect the relationship we have with God?

Or are we more like Jehoiakim where it says, “17 But you have eyes and heart only for your dishonest gain, for shedding innocent blood, and for practicing oppression and violence.”

By: Jacob Kerr — West Campus Pastoral Ministry Apprentice – Students & Worship

God is honored when we intentionally seek Him in prayer. As a church, we want dependent prayer to be something that marks us. Use the comment section to post prayer requests and experiences of how God has answered prayer and/or changed you through prayer! If you would like to be enrolled to get weekly prayer reminders, text @cpclex to 81010.


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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