June 13, 2011

Today you should read: Psalm 30

Psalm 30 is a dedication song to the Lord, specifically, for the temple that was yet to be built. David, knowing that his son Solomon would have the privilege of building the temple, penned this song because his heart was in the work that the Lord would soon do. After all, David was a pretty integral part of God’s plan for Israel’s arrival to this very moment. Who better to write a song of dedication?

In verse 1, David begins by “extolling” or exalting the Lord. The word used here has a physical connotation to it, similar to lifting something up. Check out a note from one of my study tools:

Physically, this word refers to an object being raised to higher elevation. It often means that a person or object has an elevated status for admirers or worshipers. Often the greatness of the honored object is extolled. It can also refer to God exalting the needy by improving their social or economic status. NLT Study Bible

David was lifting the Lord up, or exalting Him, because of all that the Lord had done for him and for Israel. Verses 1b-3 are the reasons given for extolling his God: (1) deliverance from enemies, (2) hearing his prayer, (3) restoring health, (4) redemption from sin and death. It sounds pretty similar to Exodus 20 and Joshua 24, doesn’t it? God has done great things for us, and the proper responses are worship and devotion.

Verse 4 and 5 call us to sing to the Lord and remember that, while we deal with God’s judgment and consequences from our sin, joy comes soon for those who follow the Lord. Verse 6 reminds us that we would be prideful to think that we can make it on our own apart from God’s providence and sovereign hand. In verses 8-10, David makes a plea to the Lord for His mercy, which is especially fitting since the temple was a sign of mercy to the Israelites. The sacrifice for sin was not their own lives or blood, but in the blood of lambs (ultimately of His Son, the final and perfect Lamb).

This psalm closes with yet another cry of thanksgiving to the Lord, a common theme throughout the whole book. David’s mourning has become dancing, only because the goodness of God.

Church, what are some of your reasons to extol, or “lift up” the Lord today? What thanksgiving can you lay at Jesus’ feet? In the comment section below, let’s praise and thank the Lord for who He is and what He has done in our lives.

Posted by: Todd Thomas

June 11, 2011

Today you should read: Psalm 29

Psalm 29 speaks of the power and majesty of the Lord. His voice is like thunder – so loud it breaks the huge cedars of Lebanon. His voice is like lightning, it shakes the desert. Our God is majestic – awe inspiring – overwhelming when you think about it.

This Psalm instructs us to ascribe the glory due Him – to worship Him as He deserves – in the splendor of His Holiness.

Today, I want you to do just that… first, I want you to meditate on the majesty of God. Write down all the words you can think of that describe His power and awesomeness.

Then, go through each one in prayer – thinking about it for a second and praising Him for it. Try and get at least 15-20 different words and go through each one individually.

To worship means to focus all of your attention on something or someone. I want you to truly WORSHIP God. Give Him all of your attention.

Think of a song or two that expresses how you feel about Him and sing or play it for Him while you meditate on the words.

Now, close by thanking Him for being the great God that He is – yet still knowing and loving you. Try and keep that thought in mind all day.

Lovingly submitted by: Tim Parsons

June 10, 2011

Today you should read: Psalm 28

My prayer for you this morning is that you will remember what our lead pastor has been preaching. Go back with me if you will to the second week of the John series. Pastor Tim made clear when reading John 1:1 that, “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.” My encouragement to you this morning is that you will not see the Bible as just another book but that you will see it as the very breath of God, and that your affection for Jesus will be stirred as you read.

In Psalm 28, verses 1 and 2, the Psalmist is crying out to God for help, pleading with Him that he would hear his cry. Notice that the Psalmist addresses God in a strong way. Why do you think this is? It is because of the silence of the Lord.

Have you ever felt as though God was not listening? In Psalm 27, we see the intense trust that the Psalmist has in God; it is a Psalm of fearless trust. In chapter 28, the Psalmist is now praying for help and praises God for His answer.

I pray you are encouraged by this Psalm. I know that life is often difficult and there are times where we “feel” as though God has turned a deaf ear to us, but, be encouraged by verses 3-5 knowing that God will deal with you justly. If your enemy is against you know that God is over it all. We see the Psalmist go from crying out to God to praising God in verse 6. He makes it clear that the Holy Spirit has given him assurance that God has heard his prayer in his time of need.

Verse 7 is amazing! Re-read it. Take in to your inner core. The Psalmist prays to God, “the Lord is my strength.” “My heart trusts in Him, I am helped, my heart exults in Him, and, with my song I shall thank Him.” – It is amazing to me the affection the Psalmist has for God.

Verse 9 in the NASB says, “save Your people and bless our inheritance; Be their shepherd also, and carry them forever.”

To know that God is my Shepherd (implying that I am not the sharpest tool in the box—sheep are not smart) and that He will guide and carry me forever is a thought that leads me to worship Him! I hope it does the same for you today as well! Take time later today to read John 10:27-28 and see how the Gospel of John points to the same truth that we find in Psalm 28.

Worship God – Enjoy God – Be useful to God’s Kingdom!

Posted by: Zach Monroe

June 9, 2011

Today you should read: Psalm 27

I love this Psalm. The band Telecast wrote this Psalm into a song entitled “Psalm 27” It has helped me to memorize most of this Psalm because it is pretty much word for word. David is writing a familiar theme that God is our stronghold, our fortress, and our protector. God defends us against anything and anyone He does not want to harm us. Nothing happens to us apart from God allowing it. Isn’t that assuring? No matter how big the problem or how great the hurdle life may present you, God controls it all and only wants what is best for us and His glory.

The keys to this Psalm are found in verse 4 and 8. David is doing two things here. The first is that he is spending time with God. He talks in verse 4 about being in “the house of the Lord” and being in “His temple.” We have to constantly be in God’s presence. That is why we were made and what our purpose is. How are you doing with this? Have you been spending time with Jesus…not just reading the Bible or a devotional book. Those are good things and certainly part of spending time with God but there is a lot more to it than that. How is your prayer life? How are you doing sharing the gospel? How often do you see God in the small details of life like a flower, a sunset, or a laugh? God doesn’t just want us to be with Him for a few minutes or even an hour or so in the morning, He wants all our time. Spend some time today looking for God in the details.

The second thing we see in is verse 8 as David is seeking God. He is looking to God for answers, for guidance, and for direction. How often do you do this? How often do you spend time in prayer and ask God for His counsel in making decisions? Many times we see this as a last resort or only necessary in dire situations. God wants us to “seek His face” in all situations, even the little things. So, when we have times in our life when we need to make a decision then we need to seek God. When we don’t do this everything usually falls apart or goes south, and we end up going through a lot of junk we didn’t have to. When we do these things we can rest assured that God is our refuge and stronghold. When we are attacked or surrounded then we can be confident in Him.

Posted by: Robbie Byrd