March 17, 2015

Today you should read: 1 Chronicles 28

The calling before the calling 


Callings of the Lord are exciting.  They’re wonderful to follow.  When we hear God’s voice, have the courage to obey, and depend on Him to fulfill His promises; we are fulfilled in ways that are unusual.  

But, as great as specific callings to particular mission of God are, there is a calling that comes first and is far greater. 

Today’s “Walk-a-Way”


In our chapter, David is giving a charge to many important people in Israel, as well as his own son, Solomon.  When David turns to Solomon, in a section charging him to build the sanctuary, beginning in verse 9, David first charges him with an even greater call.  


David says, “And Solomon, my son, learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve him with your whole heart and a willing mind.


As great as Solomon’s call to build the house of Godis, the call to know Him intimately, worship Him, and serve him with a whole heart and willing mind is far greater.  It is the call before the call.  It is what has made Solomon, and it is what will break Solomon.  Solomon is presently seen as faithful because of his commitment to God, but soon Solomon will make a series of mistakes.  And it all begins with and ends with his commitment to his relationship with God.


So, in whatever God is calling you to do, make sure to make your relationship with God your highest priority.  It is the call before the call and is far more important than any task that lies before you.  

Posted by : Sam Cirrincione 

March 16, 2015

Today you should read: 1 Chronicles 27

Talk about a guy who had it all under control. David had everything in its place and every area of his life and office was neatly governed and structured. David had the whole kingdom of Israel set up nicely. But, we see one small issue that God has with David and his organization plan. 


When David took his census, he did not count those who were younger than twenty years of age, because the Lord had promised to make the Israelites as numerous as the stars in heaven. Joab son of Zeruiah began the census but never finished it because the anger of God fell on Israel. The total number was never recorded in King David’s official records.

1 Chronicles 27:23-24


I think we can take away the following:


1. David allowed pride to take control of what was God’s to control.


There is a balance to be had between planning and organizingand trusting in and following God. The key here is the idea of controlWe can and should plan, organize and put things into place to better do whatever it is we are doing but we must also remember what Proverbs 16:9 tells us:


We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.


God had said that he would grow Israel. It wasn’t for David to concern himself with that but rather to lead and protect them. 


2. David allowed pride to carry him into the sin of needing to “know”


In Exodus 30:12 we see a principle that God had set forth concerning the counting of people. 


When you take a census of the children of Israel for their number, then every man shall give a ransom for himself to the Lord, when you number them, that there may be no plague among them when you number them. 


The principle we see here is that God owns Israel, not David. It was God’s call to count Israel or not. While God does, at another time, command David to count the people, we do not see any such command here. 


When we try to out think or run past God and His plan we always find trouble. David, being the planner and the prepared person, thought perhaps only counting adults would be ok. He just wanted to know. 


The truth is we all want to “know” and that has gotten so many people in trouble. Adam and Eve just had to “know” what the fruit tasted like, the Israelites just had to “know” what God looked like so they had Aaron make a golden calve statue, Saul just had to “know” God was going to be with them in battle so he performed the sacrifice instead of waiting for Samuel. On and on it goes, all the way down to you and me. 


So remember as you think on this today to plan well and be organized, nothing wrong with that. However, know God is in control and we don’t always need to “know” what lies ahead. 


Trust in the Lord with all your heart;do not depend on you own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:5-6

Posted by: Robbie Byrd

March 14, 2015

Today you should read: 1 Chronicles 26

You may read today’s Scripture and find yourself thinking “Why is this in Scripture and how in the world can I apply any of this nonsense to my life today?” I know that I remember reading chapters like this as a new Christian and thinking those same thoughts. However there are a couple things that we can walk away with after reading today’s Scripture, in which God gave every word for a purpose and reason.


1. God is detailed and specific.


From picking out gatekeepers to keep the sanctuary safe to the roles of the treasurers and other officials, God gave specific instructions on who to choose and what to do. This is important to know and apply because so many Christian’s lives can be careless and ambiguous. Even with the best of intentions Christian’s can have no strategy in reaching others and growing in discipleship. We serve a God who brings order out of chaos so let’s minister to others in the same fashion.


2. Take the worship and presence of God seriously.


How often do we stumble into church on a Sunday morning, still tired from that busy weekend? How often do we go in and out of those doors missing out on the opportunity to minister to those around us, introducing ourselves to not so familiar faces and expecting God to move through His word and worship. Meanwhile, God’s people set up gatekeepers to protect unauthorized people to enter into the sanctuary and not allow defilements from idolatrous practices. I’m not saying we’re in serious sin for being apathetic on Sundays at times but I am saying that we worship the same God who told the Israelites that when you are to protect the time and place that you are in my presence in that sanctuary. I’m saying that if we look at Sunday morning, connect groups as that same holy spirit moving time, we may hear from Him more often as well.

Posted by: Erik Koliser

March 13, 2015

Today you should read: 1 Chronicles 25

The influence of a father in a child’s life in huge. The spiritual leadership of dad is something that for too long has been lackingin our society. When reading today’s passage we see several children who’s dad played a major role in their spiritual lives. We see Asaph, Heman and Jedutun, 3 men who clearly loved God and raised their sons well. Now they have a heritage that king David is tapping into to lead music for the worship of God. Each of these 3 men had several children appointed to this task, which meant that these men had built a godly family. Verse 6 really highlights the secret to these 3 men’s success in raising their kids. 


“All these men were under the direction of their fathers…”


These sons submitted themselves to their father’s leadership and training. Now, here is something I know about all people, we are naturally sinful and prideful and selfish and those attributes make submission to authority extremely difficult and not natural. One of the keys to teaching your kids submission to authority, or anything for that matter is to model it for them. These 3 fathers clearly demonstrated what it meant to live for God to their kids and the result was a god-honoring family. 


So as we think about these 3 dads and how they raised their boys let us be encouraged and challenged to do the same. Remember your kids are one of the biggest legacies you will leave behind in this world. What will your legacy be? Will it be so-so, or will it like these dads here?

Posted by: Robbie Byrd