December 22, 2020

Mary’s Song

Luke 1:46-56

Mary walked up to the house of her cousin Elizabeth.

The angel Gabriel had told her that Elizabeth was going to have a baby after many years of waiting! Mary was so excited to see her, but also couldn’t help but think, Will she believe me when I tell her the news about my baby? Mary wondered as she opened the door to her cousin’s house and stepped inside. “Elizabeth? Hello!” said Mary. The little ears on little baby John, growing inside Elizabeth’s belly, heard Mary’s words and John jumped with joy! Elizabeth’s bright eyes shone as the excited baby bounced around in her belly. She laughed with glee and told Mary, “You are the mommy of my Lord!”

Mary’s face glowed and she gently laid her hand across her own belly. The King of the world was growing inside of a poor, unimportant girl like her. God could have chosen anyone to be the mommy of Jesus. He could have picked a rich princess with ringlets of gold, clothed in a plush, poofy dress, with a palace of servants to help care for the baby King. He could have chosen the wife of a priest to take Jesus to serve in the temple each day. God could have chosen anyone, but He chose Mary. At this thought, a song stirred inside her heart.

It would be the kind of song God’s people had always sung. It was like the song of
the Israelites when God delivered them from Pharaoh’s mighty army at the Red Sea.

Though they were small and weak, their mighty God had flung Egypt’s horses and riders into the sea. It was the kind of song that young David sang of His powerful God, who used a smelly shepherd boy like him to slay a giant and rule a kingdom. The song growing in Mary was a song like this. She wasn’t sad or mad that she needed God so much. Mary was happy as her voice sang about her God, how He was big and strong and mighty to save and how she was small and weak and needed Him.

The song that this world tells you to sing is one that says, “I am great! I am important! I am popular!” It is a song that shows that you can do everything and don’t need any help from anyone, but God has always wanted His people to sing a different song. When you belong to God, you see that you were lost and lonely, unable to lift a finger to save yourself, and God, looking down at you, completely helpless, sent His Son. Jesus has done everything to save us. When our hearts see the gift God has given us in Jesus, a song rises up inside of us, just like in Mary. We open our mouths and out tumble unending words of praise to our God who is mighty to save!

Discussion Questions

Why is it important that we understand that Jesus did everything needed to save us?

When you look at your life, maybe it seems like you are just a kid who can’t do very much. What is God showing us by doing something big through someone like Mary?

This Advent devotional resource was produced by The Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, TX. The original resource can be found here.


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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